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The main topics discussed on my web page are listed below or as links on the right side of the webpage.

Identification of Unknowns:

-Accurate Mass NIST User Libraries

Overview of Systematic Process at Eastman

CAS Registry with SciFinder and Accurate Mass

ChemSpider and Accurate Mass

-NIST Search and Accurate Mass

NIST Library Search of EI and CID Spectra

NMR Tips

Using NIST with Data Processing and Drawing Programs

Surfactant Identification

Polyester Analysis using Hydrolysis with GC-MS and LC-MS

In silico Fragmentation Software

NIST Search of TSCA

Mass Spec Capabilities:

Chemical Ionization:  Chosing CI Gases and Building Custom Manifold

-File Conversions of ms data between vendor formats

Mass Accuracy of Magnetic vs. TOF instruments

Matrix Ionization Effects:  Avoiding Lipid Problems in LC-MS of Plasma Samples

TOF:  Dead Time Correction in TDC Detector

Derivatization for GC-MS Analyses:

Silylation Artifacts

Diazomethane Artifacts


-Purchase of Used 2014 Tesla Model S

Archives of Old Articles and Mass Spec Documentation


Links to Other Publications and Websites

EI Doubly Charged Ions

My Publications and Patents and Posters

My Extended ASMS Abstracts 1985-2004

My Previous Website Link

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