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I currently spend time working part time at several different places including NMR at Eastman, mass spec and NIST, and mass spec at Wiley.  Most recently I purchased a used Model S85 Tesla and starting to participate in electric vehicle events.  In addition,   I also sing in the choir at the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, play duplicate bridge, and sail.

Previously, I was a Research Fellow specializing in mass spectrometry at Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport, TN and will be retiring in early 2016 after >37 years of service.  I have also been a sailor for about the same duration and dabbled in NMR for identifying unknowns.  After retirement, I will be a consultant for Dakota Consulting, Inc..  My first assignment will be working with NIST on mass spectral databases.

The Kingsport site is Eastman’s largest production facility and also our corporate headquarters.  It is a very complex, integrated chemical production facility.  Tim Nolen’s Presentation (About Eastman: An Engineer’s View of History) is a good history of our company.  An  The company was originally part of Eastman Kodak, but was split into a separate company in 1994.  A history of the company is found in Wikipedia but does not include our recent acquisition of Taminco.

Below is a screen capture of the Kingsport Eastman Chemical site which straddles both sides of the South Fork of the Holston River.  The detail obtained when zooming in on the Google site is quite amazing.


I grew up in Lavonia, Ga. and worked in my early years as a printer in my family’s businesses including The Lavonia Times, Royston Record, Carnesville Herald, and Electric City Printing Company.  I attended Lavonia Elementary School and Franklin County High School.  My initial major was music (trumpet/band director) attending both Emmanuel College and Miami Dade Junior College.  I switched my degree to pre-pharmacy/pre-med before finally obtaining bachelors and masters degrees in chemistry from the University of Georgia in Athens.  My undergraduate work was in organic photochemistry under the direction of Dr. Richard Hautala.

My main interest is the identification of organic compounds by mass spectrometry in organic mixtures.  All the technical information was approved as technical session handouts, conference presentations, workshops, journal publications, courses, etc. for distribution outside Eastman.  Other postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent Eastman’s positions, strategies or opinions.   I also include a “little” information about my sailing experiences.

All the topics discussed are listed in the “My Topics” under the sailing picture at the top of the page.  A few additional links to topics discussed are found on the right side of the page.

Hope you find the website useful and enjoyable!

Feel free to email me for additional information.


Note:  Added “removethisbeforeemailing” to my email address in order to minimize spam, you will need to remove this part to get my actual email address.

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