Posted by: tvasailor | September 1, 2022

Wiley KnowItAll Mass Spec Training

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Wiley released a KnowItAll version with many new powerful electron ionization gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (EI GC-MS) capabilities.  I have developed FREE training videos and associated handouts covering basic and advanced MS topics that will be helpful to the new user.   Also, a Quick Reference Guide is available.

KnowItAll is a vendor neutral data processing solution for spectral analyses which will be very valuable in unknown identifications.  It processes IR, Raman, MS, NMR, and UV data employing a large number of file formats (>170) and a total of 2.5 million reference spectra.

~264K IR, 25K Raman, ~1.25M EI mass spec, 894K NMR, and 30K UV


-Deconvolution/very fast library searching of accurate/nominal mass GC-MS data

-Easy manual processing of nominal and accurate mass GC-MS data
-Fast EI searches of >1.2 million spectra in <0.5 seconds
-Amazing adaptive search for unknown ID by extending usefulness of all libraries
-Transfer structures and spectra between NIST search and KnowItAll
-Easy structure drawing and structure searches
-Conversion of NIST user libraries to Wiley format

-Easy creation of libraries using links to MS interpreter and PubChem

MS Training Videos:
MS Training Video Handouts:


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