Posted by: tvasailor | May 1, 2011

Sailing Away on TVA and Atlantic Ocean

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We currently keep our sailboat, Ragtime (J40), in Charleston Harbor Marina.  Next year, I plan to retire and sail with my wife Sandra from Charleston SC-Outer Banks NC, Chesapeake Bay-Delaware Bay-New York Harbor-Hudson River-Long Island Sound, etc.


Here is the link for a similar 2013 trip from Charleston SC to Florida.


I originally started my website to share my experiences sailing on Watauga Lake, a TVA lake in northeast Tennessee.  Over time, I devloped a WLSC website for our Watauga Lake Sailing Club.  During that time, we acquired a Catalina Capri 14.2, an O-Day 272, a Catalina 270, and a J40.  We currently regained some sanity and own only the J40.

We currently own a J40 named Ragtime which we keep at Charleston Harbor Marina .  We sold our Catalina 270 named Wild Blue Yonder in June 2013 which we kept at Watauga Lake, Lakeshore Marina.

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See more pictures and information at:

Link to “Littles’ Fleet”

new Shutterfly album 
old album

Watauga Lake Sailing Club Links:

main web page 
new picture album 
old picture album

 J/40 Users’s Site:

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Watauga Lake Dam and Reservoir Links

Here is a link to the TVA system dams,

“The Upper Holston Projects, Technical Report No. 14, Watauga, South Holston, Boone, and Fort Patrick Henry”

link to report

Comprehensive Report on the Planning, Design, Construction, Initial Operations and Costs of Four Hydro Projects in the Holston Basin at the Eastern Tip of Tennessee.  Improvement of the Minor Wilbur Project in the Same Area is Included as an Appendix.

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