Posted by: tvasailor | May 1, 2011

Identification of Silylation Artifacts in Derivatization Reactions

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Silylation Artifacts in Derivitization Reactions:  This post summarizes the identification of silylation artifacts from our laboratory and the literature.  Normally silylation derivatization reactions  give the desired derivative in high yields.


However, sometimes artifacts (by-products) are formed.  The paper linked below lists all the types of artifacts noted in our laboratory in the last 20 years and ones we have found in the literature. It is a modified (not refereed) copy of a paper [J.L. Little, J. Chromatogr. A, 844 (1999) 1-22] containing additional examples found since the paper was published.


General Review Article on Derivitization:

Derivatization Methods in GC and GC/MS

Serban C. Moldoveanu1* and Victor David2

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